Q: Is Ubuntu Christian Edition officially supported by Canonical?

A: No, it is not "officially" supported. Our project is not funded by Canonical. However, we have contacted them regarding our project and they have given us guidelines to follow and have thanked us for supporting the Ubuntu Community and introducing Ubuntu to the Christian Community.

Q: Is Ubuntu Christian Edition a new distribution of Ubuntu or a derivative?

A: Well it is really neither. Ubuntu Christian Edition is based directly from the standard Ubuntu distribution and contains extra Christian software as well as a few additional tools to make the transition to Ubuntu easier for a Linux newcomer. The graphical changes are minor and are only intended to tailor the project to Christians.

Q: Why should I use the Ubuntu Christian Edition if I can install the same software to the default Ubuntu?

A: The concept behind the Ubuntu Christian Edition is not to deviate from the Ubuntu community. It is intended to draw a larger Christian base to the already thriving community of Ubuntu users. The Ubuntu Christian Edition simply makes it easier for Christians who are new to Linux to see the power of Ubuntu combined with the added benefit of having the best available Linux Christian software pre-installed.

Q: Is Ubuntu Christian Edition designed for Protestants or Catholics?

A: Both! Ubuntu Christian Edition will always try to cater to the needs of all Christians. Ubuntu CE is also a great choice for anyone wanting a family friendly operating system complete with web content filtering.